20 Best Vegan Restaurants in the USA

With the rise of new cultures across the globe and our exposure to them, we are constantly evolving. New terms have started becoming a part of our vocabulary almost every other day, be it over a conversation or while surfing the Internet. And one such most frequently heard term is ‘veganism’. To put it in … Read more

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17 Most Beautiful Hot Springs in the United States

Nature shows its marvels in diverse ways. Spending time at the natural carvings, be it lakes or mountains, is therapeutic for the mind and soul. One such natural element is hot springs — a heated geothermal groundwater pool on the Earth’s surface. These have perfectly heated water to give a sense of serenity and calm … Read more

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Top 23 Places to Eat and Restaurants in Columbia, SC

Oak Trees in South Carolina

The capital city of Palmetto State, Columbia, is famous for its scorching weather, football frenzy, flourishing art, and thriving culture. However, the ideal blend of traditional and innovative culinary makes the metropolitan hub a great place to live in.   The vibrant South Carolina town offers several dining options. Whether you consider the 150 food vendors … Read more

13 Best Things About The Filipino Culture You Need To Know

Philippines Flag

Exploring different cultures is always fascinating. Understanding the differences and how they perceive the world allows us to comprehend diversity. One such fascinating culture is that of the people of the Philippines. An Asian country that is home to more than 100 million people and boasts more than 7,600 islands. But it’s their cultural heritage that sets them apart from … Read more

15 Important Southern Plantation Tours

Southern Plantation

The Southern Plantations are of great attractions in the United States of America. History enthusiasts are fascinated by the grand historical architectures and buildings, and the sprawling, well-maintained gardens in these plantation homes. Most of these areas are steeped in rich history. Exploring these places via plantation tours helps visitors in getting deep insight into … Read more

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The Top 30 Places to Visit and Things to Do in Osaka, Japan

One of the most exciting things about traveling is the chance to experience something new and different. Osaka is an amazing city that offers a lot of fun activities. There are plenty of things to do in Osaka — from learning about the Japanese culture to gorge on the delicious food and drink.   As the … Read more

The 24 Best Restaurants in Rochester (New York) You Must Visit Once

Fireworks in Rochester

Rochester in NY has developed into one of the leading culinary hotspots with the numerous dining options in the area frequented by locals and travelers alike. From Caribbean-inspired food to classic Italian delights and from American eats to barbecued delicacies, you will find everything here. Enlisted below are the top restaurants in Rochester, which will surely satisfy your taste buds The Owl House  Health-conscious people will find The Owl House to be a perfect destination for … Read more

Top 10 Shopping Malls in NYC (New York) and Around it

new york city

Shopping in New York City is one of the most enjoyable activities for tourists and residents alike. From the high-end designers, boutiques to discount outlets, and everything in between, malls in NYC have something for each shopper.   You will realize that shopping in New York City is a blast, but it can also be overwhelming. Where to shop, which stores are … Read more

11 Customs and Traditions Followed on the Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Many people have a wrong notion that Mexico’s ‘Day of the Dead’ in November and US Halloween are the same. Though they are related to one another, there is a great difference in the tone and traditions of both days. The theme of Halloween is terror and fear and mischief, but that of the ‘Day of Dead’ is demonstrating respect and love … Read more

The Top 25 Things to Do in Harlem, New York

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The African American Heritage, the musical scenes, and the various cultural institutions – these things practically define Harlem and New York City. Situated to the north of Central Park, this neighborhood is known for being an excellent creative hub. With the cultural renaissance, there was an influx of talent and new influences in the area, … Read more

Top 23 Towns in Upstate New York You Must Visit

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Some wonderful Upstate New York towns are known for their breathtaking beauty, history, and hospitality. Whether you grew up in this part of the state or have moved here from another part of the country or world, you are sure to find one of these towns to be a great place for a vacation.  Saratoga, … Read more

Introduction to Capoeira — The Brazilian Dance Fighting


Capoeira is one of the most well-known martial art forms in Brazil. It’s a blending of elements from various fighting styles — primarily weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. This combination created a complex art form that has become extremely popular. Although its history is traced to Brazil, Capoeira can now be found all over the world.   … Read more