Top 27 Things to do in Downtown LA

Griffith Observatory

We don’t know about you, but our ideal vacation destination is one whose cultural spirit is a seamless blend of old and new elements. A place where skyscrapers and futuristic buildings share the stage with museums and historical buildings. No, we are not describing some picture-perfect location out of a fantasy novel, we are talking … Read more

Top 17 Beaches in Los Angeles

Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is popularly known as the ‘City of Angels’. The city also has many beaches, which are a favorite with natives as well as travelers and tourists. Legally speaking, beaches in Los Angeles can be accessed free of cost. However, at many places, you need to pay for parking.   While some are restricted for physically … Read more

The 15 Best Tattoo Shops in LA (Los Angeles)

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Los Angeles is home to some of the oldest tattoo shops in the USA and the hub for body art enthusiasts. The city offers you a range of options with not just designs and patterns but also artists. A funky colorful one, or a Chinese text? A drive down to Hollywood Boulevard or Santa Monica will give … Read more

18 Fun Things to Do in LA at Night

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The gorgeous metropolitan city of California, Los Angeles, is the hub of entertainment and celebrities belonging to the industry. It is a city abounding in glam and glitz and with a highly active life, particularly nightlife. Travel enthusiasts opine that the best time to explore the city is at night. Various kinds of thrilling activities … Read more

50 Places to Visit and Things to do in Los Angeles

things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA is a vibrant and multicultural city in southwestern California. It is home to Hollywood (and all of Los Angeles really), and it is the second-most populous city in the state after New York City. If you have ever visited Los Angeles chances are you had a good time while you were there. … Read more

Top 20 Things To Do And See In Little Tokyo, LA

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Every travel unravels a story. If you are planning to explore Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, then there is so much for you to discover. The foundation of this historic district in the downtown of Los Angeles dates back to 1885 when an ex-seaman Charles Hama first established a Japanese restaurant in the southeastern part … Read more