Top 15 Places to Eat at and Best Restaurants in Times Square, NYC

Times Square

Times Square is not only one of the primary places of attraction in New York City, but it is also an excellent hub for food lovers. You will find various kinds of cuisines and lip-smacking delicacies in the numerous eateries in the area. Mentioned below are the 15 best restaurants in Times Square that you must check out to satisfy the foodie in you. Danji   At Danji, you … Read more

14 Russian Curse Words You Need to Know

russian flag

Russia is famous for its cold weather conditions, vodka, and political hacking. But did you know that Russian is one of the most challenging languages to learn? However, it can be interesting too. Of course, Russian curse words need special mention here as they make up the most entertaining part. The accents of the swear words are very different. And, oh boy! They are absolutely hilarious. Whatever be your reason for learning this language, make sure that you learn some common curse words, but not without their true meanings. Read on … Read more

Top 18 Romantic Getaways in Pennsylvania for Couples

Pittsburgh City Bridges

Pennsylvania is a historic, lush area of the country lovelier than many realize. You’ll see places like Bedford Springs, PA (a famous spa town), and State College, home of PennState. There are charming Amish communities, breathtaking natural waterfalls, and numerous historical sites. With so many attractions to offer, you may be wondering what romantic getaways … Read more

18 Best Romantic Getaways in Texas for a Romantic Weekend

Rio Grande River

Finding a romantic couples getaway in Texas is going to be a lot easier than you might think. Many amazing places can be considered for a trip with your sweetheart. Romantic getaways in Texas are not limited to the big cities either; there are plenty of small towns in Texas where you can experience some … Read more

18 Best Beaches in San Diego

beaches in San Diego

If you are a person who loves the sun, sand, blue ocean, surfing, waterfronts, cliffs, or other water activities then San Diego beaches are the perfect fit for you. San Diego hosts around 70 miles of alluring coastal lines and together these make one of the best beaches in San Diego. The San Diego beaches … Read more

Top 21 Places to Visit and Things to do in Vienna, Austria

things to do in Vienna

Vienna is one of the most charming cities in the whole of Europe, and it is fitting when it is called the “city of dreams.” One of the best parts about Vienna is that this city reflects and relishes tons of elements from its history, which is beautiful and indeed fascinating to witness. We have … Read more

17 Best Day Trips from Seattle You Must Take

day trips from Seattle

Named after ‘Chief Seattle,’ the native leader of all the tribes from the Puget Sound area, Seattle is an outstanding tourist destination in Washington state. Abundantly blessed with global distribution networks, a rich greenbelt, and a diverse population, Seattle has emerged as the melting pot of diverse culture. The slew of coffeehouses, and the SODO … Read more

Top 20 Places to Visit and Things to Do in Milan, Italy

things to do in Milan

Most people recognize Milan as the fashion capital of the world. You would be surprised to know that Milan has undergone a tremendous metamorphosis over the ages. Today, Milan attractions offer an experience rich in history, heritage, and culture, all seamlessly blending into modern architecture. Milan was once the capital of the Western Roman Empire. … Read more

Top 27 Places to See and Things to do in Charlotte (NC)

things to do in Charlotte

Charlotte which is home to many corporate headquarters and a NASCAR epicenter, offers a good tourism experience too. Explore Queen City with our list of things to do in Charlotte Charlotte, named after the Queen of King George the second, is a city that has the potential to cater to the expectations of any traveler. … Read more

20 Best Places to Visit and Things to do in Lucerne, Switzerland

things to do in lucerne

Lucerne is what you call the perfect Swiss city. With cobalt-blue perfect lakes cuddled by the mountains, a plethora of museums to take over the historian in you, the perfectly coloured and vibrant houses and the classic promenades, Lucerne is absolutely stunning! It is said that an angel once showed the first occupants of Lucerne … Read more