History of the Majestic 33 Feet high Chicago Bean or the Cloud Gate

the chicago bean

Cloud Gate, popularly known as “The Chicago Bean,” is Chicago’s most popular tourist destination and should be on your to-do list when you visit the city. For the locals, this majestic stainless-steel structure is more than just a piece of art but, to tourists, it is an opportunity to take a selfie with the bean … Read more

10 Most Beautiful ways to say “I love you” in Spanish

i love you

Let us upbeat our romance and love quotient by learning to say I love you in Spanish in different ways and their English translations. Have you ever come across a book that jolted you, cast an imprint on your mind, and left you in awe of its beautiful words; so much that you could not find any fault in … Read more

Why is New Orleans called “The Big Easy”?

new orleans

What is “The Big Easy”? The official name of the city of New Orleans comes from Orleans, a city in France, which was named after its Duke, Phillippe Duc D’Orleans. But did you know that the city has other names such as “the crescent city”, “the city that care forgot”, “America’s most interesting city”, “chocolate … Read more

The 25 best of Thai Food and Dishes to eat in Thailand

thai food

Walk down any lane famous for its eating joints in any part of the world, and you will see at least one Thai restaurant. Thai food is among the most popular cuisines in the world. The best part is that you can binge on it guilt-free. It is healthy, full of vegetables, lightly prepared, and … Read more

What is Holi Festival? Why and How is it Celebrated? When is it in 2020?


Holi festival (pronounced as “Holy”) is an Indian festival of colors that celebrates the phenomenon of life, love, kindness, and togetherness. It exudes madness, excitement and a riot of mesmerizing colors all packaged into a single day of pure fun and frolic. The entire country bursts into colors as they celebrate this festival once a … Read more

15 Top Reasons to Visit Beautiful Capri, Italy

Capri Italy

Capri is a tiny isle in southern Italy located off the Naples coast. If you have ever imagined how heaven on earth feels or looks like, a trip to Capri is a must! With stunning scenic backdrops, fabulous restaurants and plenty of designer boutiques, Capri can amaze you in many more ways than you can … Read more

20 Best Freshwater Springs in Florida

Think crystal-clear freshwater with manatees swimming, and chances are the image in your head quite matches some mesmerising freshwater springs in Florida, United States.  With over 700 springs bubbling merrily through the American state’s limestone terrain, hot summer days in Florida are easily spent lazing around in the tepid waters of natural springs in Florida or leisurely kayaking … Read more