10 Most Beautiful ways to say “I love you” in Spanish

Let us upbeat our romance and love quotient by learning to say I love you in Spanish in different ways and their English translations.

Have you ever come across a book that jolted you, cast an imprint on your mind, and left you in awe of its beautiful words; so much that you could not find any fault in it? If yes, how did you describe your feeling towards the book? Most likely, you said, “I loved the book.” We also love a perfectly brewed tea, pleasant morning and our little fluffy pet. Because “Love” is an amalgamation of a lot of feelings. At the forefront, you may see the highest degree of amiability, but the undercurrent deals with a lot of spirited emotions. These emotions are like distant siblings of love- fondness, enchantment, and passion. 

Love is like a prism. It disperses its sentiments in vivid colors when the light of affinity hits it at appropriate places. While the English language gives you limited options to convey your love to a person, Spanish gives you a plethora of choices when it comes to expressing your love. Spanish has a phrase for every mood, situation, and type of love. Here, “I love you” isn’t the only way to express your feelings to your partner or spouse. It is interesting to know how the overtly used word “love” can be given a rest and said in different colloquial ways.

Te quiero/ Te amo

You must have heard this phrase in many songs and movies before. “Te amo” means I love you in Spanish. But this love is the most profound one, usually expressed for spouses. The kind of love you read in classic books, watch in classic movies, and read in poems. It is a beautiful feeling to mouth these words to your beloved.

 “Te quiero” are Spanish words used to express deep love between lovers, but it conveys a sense of emergency of needing that person in life. Fuelled with passion, “Te quiero” translates to the passionate, addictive and fierce love between two people meaning “I want you”.

i love you in spanish
Te Amo

Me caes bien

The Spanish phrase “Me caes bien” is an expression of affection used between two people in a relationship, but more like friends. It translates to “I like you.” It shows your interest in the other person in a friendly manner, more like testing the water before deep diving in a romantic relationship.

Me caes bien
Me caes bien

Eres el amor de mi vida

These are the ideal words you should say when proposing marriage to your loved one. Translated into English, these lovely Spanish words mean “You are the love of my life” and speaks volumes about the true love you hold in your heart. These are the perfect and purest form of romantic words to express your feelings. 

Abu Dhabi 2013

Eres mi media naranja

This translates to “you are my half orange” which means “you are my other half or my soul mate.” As quirky as it might seem, these words are quite logical when you want to express fondness and love to a long-term girlfriend or boyfriend.


Te quiero con todo mi corazón

Some phrases of love carry immense weight for a lifetime, and it is only ideal to save them for the right person and with whom you are ready to have a long-term relationship. The words precisely mean “I love you with all my heart,” a declaration of love which brims with promises.

Te ves hermosa/hermoso esta noche

As mentioned before, the expression of loving something or someone always has a new meaning in Spanish. Phrases of appreciation and the articulation of compliments are very different than that of love. The Spanish declare other feelings of love in different adept ways. For instance, “Te ves hermosa/ hermoso esta noche” in English translates to “You look beautiful/ handsome tonight”, something you might want to say to your date to express your fondness for them.

Te ves hermosa

¿Quieres pasar?

This phrase is not completely romantic but implies your interest in your date. It means- “Would you like to come in?” It is a subtle way of letting them know that you would like to spend some more time together and hence inviting them for a late-night coffee or a drink. At this point, probably nothing is explicitly said about where the relationship is headed, but it gives a hint about what you might be having in your mind.

Estoy loco/a por ti

Some expressions of love are jovial and enthusiastic, often slipped in between conversations to signal or communicate their love for their partner. “Estoy loco/a por ti” is one such phrase. It means “I am crazy about you.” The expression shows your strong feelings for your partner once you have enjoyed a couple of dates with them. It conveys your attraction for them and is an excellent way to suggest that you are interested in them.

Mi amor, cariño, cielo

All of us use words of love to address our family members. Mi amor meaning “my love”, is frequently used for our spouses or to express love for the relationships within the family. Mi cariño or my darling and Mi cielo or my sky are some affectionate words used by Spanish to address their spouses and better halves.

¿Quieres casarte conmigo?

The moment every couple waits for, the words every woman wants to hear – “Will you marry me?” is an emotional phrase and harbinger of many new opportunities and moments of togetherness. 

Will You Marry Me?

Spain has come a long way in the past few decades, with being one of the most tolerant countries towards homosexuality. Many partners like to pop up this question at exotic locations with beautiful picturesque surroundings, and some choose to “ring it in” in a glass of champagne at a fine dining place.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, here are some more ways to express your sentiments towards people and things we like doing. “Me gustas” also means “I like you,” just like “Me caes bien.” While the latter means it in a friendlier way, the former expression talks about liking each other in the early dating period. “Me encantas” interestingly translates into “you enchant me” or “I adore you”. This Spanish phrase can be used to declare love for our hobbies, the objects we like, and the friends and family we dote.

“Love” is a beautiful feeling; unsurpassed and unfathomable are its boundaries. It can make us kind and nurture us. Whether a man loves a woman, a man loves a man, or a woman loves a woman, it makes no difference. What better if we can find more ways to communicate our feelings to people we love and for the things we adore. Spaniards have taught us these ways and have educated us on the ten different phrases to say I love you in Spanish. Forget the classic but cliché “I love you” and perk it up with these quirky Spanish phrases. Accompany it with some elite wine, and no amount of love can go unnoticed.