The 22 Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Madrid, Spain

things to do in madrid

More than just the capital of Spain, Madrid is a romantic affair of Renaissance-era art, elegant architecture, culture, and adventure. This Spanish city can be a dream come true for football fans and tourists alike. Along with an eye for the historic, Madrid has also embodied the modern spirit, making it a much-loved European city. … Read more

25 Best Places to Visit and Things to do in Barcelona, Spain

things to do in barcelona

Barcelona is a city with some of the most awe-inspiring Gothic structures, stunning Modernist artworks, and astir beaches. Whether it is gorging on tapas at the food market, watching an intense match at FC Barcelona’s home ground, or the masterpieces by Picasso and Gaudi that bring you here, the city ensures that there is never … Read more

15 Traditional Spanish Dances Part of Spain’s Rich Heritage

Music and dance play a big role in the rich and diverse culture of Spain. You can see its influence in their daily lives. When you think of Spanish dances, images of the brightly colored costumes, tapping feet, and sounds of bagpipes and strumming guitars flash before your eyes. People often have this common misconception … Read more

10 Most Beautiful ways to say “I love you” in Spanish

i love you

Let us upbeat our romance and love quotient by learning to say I love you in Spanish in different ways and their English translations. Have you ever come across a book that jolted you, cast an imprint on your mind, and left you in awe of its beautiful words; so much that you could not find any fault in … Read more