The 22 Best Places to Visit and Things to Do in Madrid, Spain

More than just the capital of Spain, Madrid is a romantic affair of Renaissance-era art, elegant architecture, culture, and adventure. This Spanish city can be a dream come true for football fans and tourists alike. Along with an eye for the historic, Madrid has also embodied the modern spirit, making it a much-loved European city. Let us give you the lay of the land and let you in on the things to do in Madrid.

El Retiro Park (Parque de El Retiro)

El Retiro Park is a lush landscape of over 15,000 trees in Madrid, making it the perfect place to unwind with a group of friends. You can rent a bicycle and bike within the park or you can simply take a stroll and marvel at the sculptures and fountains. There is an artificial lake where you can catch a quiet moment by rowing around in a boat.

If you want to be awed by how romance can be woven into architecture, do not miss a tour to the Glass Palace located with the Retiro Park.

Monumento a Alfonso XII, El Retiro, Madrid.JPG
By Onanymous, CC BY 3.0, Link

Address: Parque el, 28001 Madrid, Spain | Timing: 06:00 am – 10:00 pm | Google Map Location: | Phone Number: +34914008740

The Prado Museum (Museo Nacional del Prado)

Allow yourself to be lost in the exquisiteness of Museo Nacional del Prado. Touted as a shrine for art in the city of Madrid, Prado Museum houses the richest collection of Spanish art as well as artistic accomplishments of Italian and Flemish styles. A tourist can drink in the view of the exemplary collection of Greco-Roman sculptures at The Prado Museum.

One can spend a good part of the day admiring the repertoire of sculptures and paintings here. If art moves your heart, Museo Nacional del Prado is a must on the itinerary of the things to see in Madrid.

Madrid - Museo Nacional del Prado (36019662752).jpg
By Fred Romero, CC BY 2.0, Link

Address: Calle de Ruiz de Alarcón, 23, 28014 Madrid, Spain | Timing:Monday to Saturday: 10:00 am – 08:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am – 07:00 pm | Google Map Location: | Phone Number: +34913302800

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium: Home to the legendary Real Madrid

Football fanatics may consider this site almost sacred. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is not only an iconic spot of the city but also a place of pride and fervor for millions of Real Madrid fans across the world. Take a tour to see the stadium where games are held, and the Trophies Exhibition, among other memorable stops.

If the cry of Hala Madrid pumps your blood, the tour of Santiago Bernabéu stadium would be one of the best things to do in Madrid for you.

Estadio Santiago Bernabeu - Field2.jpg
By Mervat, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Address: Av. de Concha Espina, 1, 28036 Madrid, Spain | Timing:Monday to Saturday: 09:30 am – 07:00 pm, Sundays and holidays: 10:00 am – 06:30 pm | Google Map Location: | Phone Number: +34913984370

Royal Palace of Madrid

Europe is no stranger to grand palaces. However, the Royal Palace of Madrid is the largest on the continent by floor space. It boasts over 3,000 rooms with rich tapestry, stunningly detailed decor, and tasteful sculptures.

While the Royal Palace of Madrid is supposed to be the official residence of the royal family of Spain, nowadays it is only used for official ceremonies. One of the top Madrid attractions, it offers the splendor of its Throne Room, Royal Armory, Official Halls, and Painting Gallery to a tourist.

The Royal Palace of Madrid.png
By Rodrig. RM, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Address: Calle de Bailén, s/n, 28071 Madrid, Spain | Timing: October to March: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm, April to September: 10:00 am to 08:00 pm | Google Map Location: | Phone Number: +34917407010

Clock Tower of Sun Gate (Reloj de la Puerta del Sol)

One of the busiest places to visit in Madrid, Puerta del Sol is a large semi-circular public hub consisting of several monuments, famous statues, and a rich history.

A building at Puerta del Sol, known as “Real Casa de Correos”, is the office of the President of the Community of Madrid. But what really draws hundreds of people to this place is the clock tower. It marks the longstanding Christmas tradition of eating 12 grapes. Curious yet? Head over to Reloj de la Puerta del Sol!

Reloj Puerta del Sol-Madrid

Address: Puerta del Sol, 7, 28013 Madrid, Spain | Timing: 24/7 | Google Map Location:

National Archaeological Museum

If you think that you’re a culture vulture, you’d love a tour of the National Archaeological Museum, called Museo Arqueológico Nacional in Spanish. It puts its best foot forward with an immersive display of artifacts from the prehistoric era to the Renaissance times to the 19th century. The wealthy collection is rooted in Spain, Greece, and Rome.

From cave paintings to religious art and mosaics to glassware, this museum brings history to life.

National Archaeological Museum, Madrid (Spain) 2.jpg
By Heparina1985, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Address: Calle de Serrano, 13, 28001 Madrid, Spain | Timing: Tuesday to Sunday: 09:30 am – 08:00 pm, Monday: Closed | Google Map Location: | Phone Number: +34915777912

Plaza Mayor

It is the heart of Madrid, in every sense. Bustling with cafes, bars, shops, and travelers, this landmark site has tales to tell since the 17th century! Plaza Mayor’s vibrancy is partly because of the experience it creates for the travelers and partly because of the expansive beauty it holds.

We are talking about entertainers on the square, outdoor cafes, imposing Italian Renaissance-style archways, and gorgeous frescoes of the Real Casa de la Panadería. Plaza Mayor plays host to several events of the city, including the famed Christmas Market. There is a reason this spot is the first on our list of ‘Madrid things to do’.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid (Spain).jpg
By CanBea87, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Address: Plaza Mayor, 28012 Madrid, Spain | Timing: 24/7 | Google Map Location:

Gran Vía

Play tourist and visit Gran Vía for a classic metropolitan time. This urban street bursts with excitement and a flurry of activities. If you’re looking for some entertainment, catch a Spanish play or perhaps a ballet performance.

You’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to experimenting with restaurants and bars. Whether you crave some traditional Spanish gastronomy or international fare, the charming terrace spots spell out a sparkling evening. Another obvious activity at Gran Vía is shopping! Indulge yourself with labels ranging from high fashion to street style.

Gran Vía (Madrid) 42.jpg
By Felipe Gabaldón, CC BY 2.0, Link

Address: 28013, Madrid, Spain | Google Map Location:

El Rastro Flea Market

Welcome to Europe’s legendary flea market! It is also a sensory explosion, with street vendors selling their goods and colorful paraphernalia displayed. And, if you can haggle like a pro, shopping at El Rastro Flea Market will not only be fun but it also won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Shopping at the flea market is best enjoyed with a few boozy stops at local bars lined on the side of the street.

El Rastro market, Madrid 2016 2.jpg
By victorgrigas, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Address: Calle de la Ribera de Curtidores, 28005 Madrid, Spain | Timing: Tuesday to Sunday: 08:30 am – 08:30 pm, Monday: Closed | Google Map Location:

Mercado San Miguel

Put on your tourist hat and get ready to work those taste buds. Mercado San Miguel, close to Plaza Mayor, is a food market like you have never seen before and in our ‘fun things to do in Madrid’ list. The quaint yet jovial ambiance is rightly cozy to sample anything from gourmet meat to fresh farm produce.

You can simply get your fill of Spanish palette in the city by getting a bite of delicious tapas or sipping some Asturian sidra at Mercado San Miguel.

Interior Mercado de San Miguel 1.jpg
By Steven Lek, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Address: Plaza de San Miguel, s/n, 28005 Madrid, Spain | Timing: Temporarily closed (please check for updates) | Google Map Location: | Phone Number: +34915424936

Reina Sofia Museum (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia)

The city is decorated with the endless beauty of art, as is reflected at the Reina Sofia Museum. It displays Spanish contemporary art through the lens of the 20th century. The neoclassical building of Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia merges art with the repercussions of world wars and beyond.

The museum extends beyond being an exhibit and offers a glimpse into the transitions of culture in Spain. Among many pieces of art and photographs, there resides the masterpiece Guernica by Picasso.

Edificio Sabatini. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.jpg
By Museoreinasofia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Address: Calle de Santa Isabel, 52, 28012 Madrid, Spain | Timing: Wednesday to Saturday, Monday: 10:00 am – 09:00 pm, Sunday: 10:00 am – 02:30 pm, Tuesday: Closed | Google Map Location: | Phone Number: +34917741000

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza houses a wide spectrum of art styles and genres; it is a happy place for art aficionados who also have a penchant for the lesser represented movements.

As you take a tour of Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, you will transition from Renaissance to Rocco to Romanticism and from Impressionism to Fauvism to German Expressionism. But Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum also exhibits works of renowned artists such as Monet, Degas, Frans Hals, and Van Gogh.

If this excites you, Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza is one of the Madrid attractions that you absolutely should not miss!

Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza (Madrid) 05.jpg
By Jean-Pierre Dalbéra, CC BY 2.0, Link

Address: Paseo del Prado, 8, 28014 Madrid, Spain | Timing: Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 am – 07:00 pm, Monday: 12:00 am – 04:00 pm | Google Map Location: | Phone Number: +34917911370

Enjoy the traditional Tapas

You’re in one of the best cities in the world to enjoy the authentic flavors of tapas, savory Spanish appetizers usually served with drinks. Tapas may be the new it-thing in many restaurants across the globe, but they were always in vogue in this city.

Imagine yourself at a chic bar with a drink in hand and biting into delectable patatas bravas, cured ham, calamari, cheese, and other traditional tapas dishes made with fresh local ingredients. The fact that our mouth is already watering is an indication that is one of the top things to do in Madrid.

By Elemaki, CC BY 3.0, Link

Chocolatería San Ginés

The city has been enjoying its beloved chocolatier’s signature heart-melting churros with chocolate since 1894. This Chocolatería oozes with the abandonment of a lazy afternoon in Spain: to eat, to laugh, and to be merry.

Usually, Chocolatería San Ginés receives customers 24 hours on all 365 days, making it a fantastic stop for some post-partying snack or even a breakfast. Its chocolate and churros are a shortcut to heavenly bliss.

Chocolatería "San Gines"-Madrid-2009.jpg
By Tamorlan, CC BY 3.0, Link

Address: Pasadizo de San Ginés, 5, 28013 Madrid, Spain | Timing: 24/7 (The COVID-19 timings are 08:00 am – 11:00 pm) | Google Map Location: | Phone Number: +34913656546

Plaza de la Cibeles

In this city, sheer gob smacking beauty resides within Plaza de la Cibeles. We dare you not to be in awe of the visual treat that this plaza is. The magnificent Cibeles Fountain is a delight for the tourist, showcasing the Greek Goddess sitting on a lion-draw chariot. You can be prepared to be transported to the ideal of Spanish romance; that is the draw of the colossal sights at Plaza de la Cibeles.

Of all the famous buildings around, Palacio de Cibeles is the most eye-catching structure. Plaza de la Cibeles evokes the best of Art Nouveau and Baroque architecture, making it one the dreamiest places to visit in Madrid.

Ayuntamiento de la Comunidad de Madrid, Plaza de la Cibeles..JPG
By Cristina Pérez Chocano, CC BY-SA 3.0 es, Link

Address: Plaza Cibeles, 28014 Madrid, Spain | Timing: 24/7 | Google Map Location:

Watch Flamenco

Dramatic swishes of crimson skirts to the sensual tunes of guitar are the staple of a flamenco performance. Madrid is bubbling with a mighty flamenco culture that gushes forth in the clubs, theatres, and restaurants of the city.

The best way to catch flamenco is to go to a restaurant that features this Spanish dance and tap away your feet as you watch the artists take over the stage. Some delicious tapas and a steady flow of wine will guarantee a superb evening.

Some of the popularly frequented places for flamenco are Corral de la Moreria, Taberna Casa Pastas, Clan, Torres Bermejas, and Café de Chinitas. No matter where you choose to go, catching a flamenco dance will top off your visit to Madrid.

Flamenco dance in street of Madrid, Spain.JPG
By Kalaiarasy, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Casa de Campo Park

This verdant can be mistaken for a forest but it is the largest public park in the city. Casa de Campo Park connects the Royal Palace to the El Pardo hunting estate. The beautiful gardens along the banks of Manzanares River, once built for the Spanish royalty, offer a day of frolic under the green canopy.

Some of the cool Madrid attractions reside in Casa de Campo Park. You can visit the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium and Parque de Atracciones amusement park or can just do your own thing.

Casa de Campo Lago y vista.jpg
By I, Xauxa, CC BY 2.5, Link

Address: Paseo de la Puerta del Ángel, 1, 28011 Madrid, Spain | Timing: 24/7 | Google Map Location: | Phone Number: +34915298210

Barrio de Salamanca

19th-century boulevards got a luxurious redecoration and now go by the name of Barrio de Salamanca, one of the poshest areas in Spain. This elite neighborhood in the city is peppered with upscale boutiques, Michelin-star restaurants, and exclusive exhibitions.

Apart from that, Barrio de Salamanca is perfect for window shopping and soaking in the lovely architecture. You will no longer be wondering what to do in Madrid once you visit this lively area.

Sip some wine and enjoy the best of Salamanca!

Brick Building, Barrio de Salamanca Madrid, Spain.JPG
By David Adam Kess CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Address: 28006 Madrid, Spain | Google Map Location:

Matadero Madrid

A slaughterhouse converted into an art center, Maradero Madrid is exuberant with creativity. It converges multiple disciplines including performing arts, visual arts, music, literature, and cinema under one roof. Matadero Madrid pays homage to artistic expressions and dynamicity, and the visitors cannot help but be swayed by how contemporary the place is!

After all the tourist sights, if you are wondering what to do in Madrid, catch a show or an exhibition or a performance here and you shall be enthralled.

Madrid - Matadero Madrid (35372003283).jpg
By Fred Romero, CC BY 2.0, Link

Address: Plaza de Legazpi, 8, 28045 Madrid, Spain | Timing: 09:00 am – 10:00 pm | Google Map Location: | Phone Number: +34913184670

Western Park (Parque del Oeste)

A pretty picnic spot, home to the Egyptian temple of Templo de Debod, and a recreational outdoor place – Parque del Oeste is all of that and still some more. With a rolling hill to its side, the Western Park, aka Parque del Oeste, offers an idyllic view of Casa de Campo.

Within its three-mile (five kilometers) route, the Western Park comprises streams, lakes, and even a rose garden. Watch the sun go down and pop open a bottle of wine at this picturesque park.

Vista del Parque del Oeste. Madrid, España.jpg
By Riozujar, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Address: Paseo de Moret, 2, 28008 Madrid, Spain | Timing: Temporarily closed but below are the general timings:1 Nov to 1 March: 10:00 am – 06:00 pm, 1 March to 15 April, 16 Sept to 31 Oct: 10:00 am – 07:00 pm, 16 April to 15 Sept: 10:00 am – 09:00 pm | Google Map Location: | Phone Number: +34915489512


The postcard-perfect city of Toledo is under an hour’s drive towards the south of Madrid or you catch either a bus or a train. Known as ‘the city of three cultures’, Toledo is a melting pot of Christian, Islam, and Jewish faiths.

On that note, one of the first sites to visit must be the 12th-century Synagogue of Santa María la Blanca, built under the Christian rule by Muslim architects for the Jews. Toledo flourishes with a fascinating history which has left its remnants all over the town. Be it Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo, Mosque of the Christ of Light or the panoramic viewpoint Mirador del Valle.

Toledo (37737041515).jpg
By Dmitry Dzhus, CC BY 2.0, Link

Google Map Location:

Real Jardín Botánico

It all began with 2,000 plants in the 18th century when botany was considered a royal hobby. Today, the landscape is resplendent with over 90,000 flowers, plants, and trees. And if we include Real Jardín Botánico’s herbarium, we are looking at a close to million specimens! Did we mention that it is the largest botanical garden in all of Spain?

Get a feel of Real Jardín Botánico through its seven outdoor gardens and five indoor greenhouses, each bearing a unique theme. There are a few gems in this bountiful park that will make your eyes pop. Breathe in the aroma of the Japanese Garden at ‘Terraza de Cuadro’ or fall in love with the well-manicured English Gardens.

The highlight at Real Jardín Botánico is a greenhouse that can mimic a desert-like climate, making it a rare experience in the continent of Europe.

Puerta de Murillo, Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid.jpg
By A. Barra , CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Address: Plaza de Murillo, 2, 28014 Madrid, Spain | Timing: 10:00 am – 06:30 pm | Google Map Location: | Phone Number: +34914203017

Madrid is a marination of art, history, architecture, and all things joyful. In a true Spanish manner, the capital of Spain offers sensory pleasure to all those who embark on a journey to discover the city. The relics of Renaissance and royalty play their part to enfold the visitors in a cloud of wonder. The miracle of Madrid will have you counting memories after your trip.