14 Russian Curse Words You Need to Know

Russia is famous for its cold weather conditions, vodka, and political hacking. But did you know that Russian is one of the most challenging languages to learn? However, it can be interesting too. Of course, Russian curse words need special mention here as they make up the most entertaining part. The accents of the swear words are very different. And, oh boy! They are absolutely hilarious. Whatever be your reason for learning this language, make sure that you learn some common curse words, but not without their true meanings. Read on to brush up your vocabulary with some of them. They are fun, really!  

Пиздец (Piz-dets) 

Meaning: Damn it 

By Панкратов Володимир>, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Use: This Russian curse word comes from the ancient language. The original meaning is associated with ‘vulva’, which got a makeover with time. There are many such words, which are almost as old as the language itself. This word is generally used when a situation takes a highly wrong turn. It has an exclamatory effect! 

Сволочь (Svo-lach) 

Meaning: jerk or scum 

Use: This swear word has been used since the 14th century in Russia. The etymology of the word is ‘to drag’. Anyone who is referred to as a svo-lach means that he was dragged in with garbage. It means a person who did something unpleasant or nasty.  

Мудак (Mu-dak) 

Meaning: shithead  

Use: This derogatory curse word can be used for men only. The origin of this word is from an ancient Russian word, meaning castrated pig. Some also say that this word emanated from Sanskrit and denotes an idiot. Currently, most people use this swear word to mean the same. Inconsiderate behavior of a man can be called mu-dak.  

Хуй (Hui) 

Meaning: dick 

Use: This can be considered as the mother of all Russian curse words. It is actually a multifunctional word, which is used in various ways and has many derivatives too. Research says it has been established that ancient Slavic people used this word. Although the term’s literal meaning is male genitals, the idea is similar to using the word ‘f**k’.   

Жо́па (Zho-pa) 

Meaning: ass/arse 

Use: Although this one is featured in the list of swear words, it has kind of become a playful word over time. Many loved ones are seen to use this phrase on each other. However, when said in the right context, the word becomes rude and can be misinterpreted. This Russian curse is used in various forms.  

Отыебис от меныа! (Otyebis ot menya!) 

Meaning: Get the fuck away from me 

Use: When someone is getting in your face and not ready to budge a bit, this Russian curse word can do the trick. With this particular word, the Russian language might feel a little rough. But there are times when you can best express your feelings with certain words. This is one of those. 

Сука (Su-Ka) 

Meaning: bitch 

Use: Bitch actually refers to a female dog when it comes to its original meaning — both in English and Russian. However, now it has become a derogatory term for women, and sadly women use this term more than men. Sometimes a suffix is added to the swear word to make it sound a little cute and endearing. However, the Context in which the word is being used is key.  

Ебать (Ye-bat) 

Meaning: fuck 

Use: In this Russian swear word, fuck can be considered in the verb form. The word finds its origin in ancient India, where it was meant to copulate. As a curse word, there is a figurative meaning to the term. It means a person who is screwing around, is highly irritating, and very unpleasant. The word is used in various common phrases and expressions to depict anguish and frustration.  

russian curse words-moscow

Блять (Blyat) 

Meaning: whore 

Use: Russians just love their swear words. This one was earlier was freely used but later made entry into the restricted list of words. The word actually means wandering around, referring to a woman who sleeps around with multiple partners. However, the original meaning is not conveyed through this curse word. It is more like the word ‘f**k’, and is considered very rude.  

Гавно (Gav-no) 

Meaning: shit 

Use: Well, in English, the literal meaning of shit is poop, and it is used to insult someone in a derogatory tone. However, in Russian, swear words are more of a stress reliever. Russians often scream out this word when they are mad at something or someone. For instance, if someone forgets to change time zone during daylight saving and gets late for work, this is the perfect word that they would use.  

Ти дегхенераат (Ti degheneraat) 

Meaning: You are a degenerate  

Use: You can make one feel really miserable with some Russian swear words, and this word is one of those truly derogatory ones. Even if you get a feel of the word from within yourself, you will realize its ill effects. It is best not to use such a harsh curse word until and unless it is absolutely necessary.  

Трахни тебя (Poshyol ty) 

Meaning: Fuck you 

Use: While making a list of Russian swear words, ignoring this curse word would be a mistake. There are many ways in which this word can be used in different contexts. The main word that is important here is ‘posh’. It is used in many other Russian curse words like Пошыел к чыерту (Poshyel k chyertu), meaning go to hell and Пошлая свеня (Poshlaja svenja) meaning chauvinistic pig.   

чертовски дно (Yobannoe dno) 

Meaning: fucking bottom  

Use: This depicts that your life has hit rock bottom and there is no other way in which it can get worse. It is an indication that your life has completely messed up. However, the positive thing is the only option left from this level is to rise again.  

охуел (okhu`el) 

Meaning: fucking crazy 

Use: Some people act in a weird way in a situation, making the whole thing look odd and awful. This Russian curse word is for such situations when you want to address the person as ‘are you fucking crazy?’ 

Well, that was quite an enriching list of some eclectic words. But remember, Russian curse words can mean different things in different situations. So, it is always recommended to use the most appropriate form.