Top 42 Things to do in California with Kids Before They Leave Home

Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles

California is the third-largest state in the country and home to several interesting destinations for children and adults. From amusement parks with exciting rides to scenic hiking trails and everything in between, there’s a lot to explore here. Planning a trip that includes all the exciting things to do with kids in California for your … Read more

17 Day Trips from San Francisco You Must Take

San Francisco is filled with liveliness and fine restaurants, bars, beaches that will want you to stay within the city and enjoy. However, it is surrounded by more amazing treasures, which can be accessed by just hitting the road.   A short day trip doesn’t mean that you can’t do much. Find below some of the … Read more

18 Best Places to Live in California

Northern California Mountains

Home to Hollywood, Coachella, Silicon Valley, and Disneyland – California certainly is one of those elite places with something in store for everyone. Agreed, moving, and relocating to a new place is never fun and games, but when the place in question is California, the process doesn’t seem that arduous and immense.  California contains plenty … Read more

Top 27 Things to do in Downtown LA

Griffith Observatory

We don’t know about you, but our ideal vacation destination is one whose cultural spirit is a seamless blend of old and new elements. A place where skyscrapers and futuristic buildings share the stage with museums and historical buildings. No, we are not describing some picture-perfect location out of a fantasy novel, we are talking … Read more

Top 17 Beaches in Los Angeles

Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is popularly known as the ‘City of Angels’. The city also has many beaches, which are a favorite with natives as well as travelers and tourists. Legally speaking, beaches in Los Angeles can be accessed free of cost. However, at many places, you need to pay for parking.   While some are restricted for physically … Read more

Top 27 Places to Visit and Things to do in Anaheim, California

Anaheim is known across the world as the home of the Disneyland Resort. Located in Orange County, this Southern California city is a tourist destination with something for everyone, from adventure junkies to history buffs.   Most people eager to do fun things to do in Anaheim often look no further than its theme parks. However, … Read more

The 15 Best Tattoo Shops in LA (Los Angeles)

Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to some of the oldest tattoo shops in the USA and the hub for body art enthusiasts. The city offers you a range of options with not just designs and patterns but also artists. A funky colorful one, or a Chinese text? A drive down to Hollywood Boulevard or Santa Monica will give … Read more

Top 51 Things to Do in San Jose, CA

San José State University

San Jose is the largest city in Northern California and the 10th largest city in the United States. It is also Silicon Valley’s biggest city, both by population and area. This bustling metropolis is also home to a myriad of other landmarks, points of interest, and things to do. San Jose also has a lot of tourist … Read more

Party Hard with 18 Best Clubs in San Francisco

It’s Saturday night in San Francisco. The streets are packed with people. Revelers are filling the bars, clubs, and restaurants for what should be a festive weekend night out in the town. The city that has everything for those looking to have a good time shouldn’t come up short at 10 pm on a Saturday night, … Read more

20 Best Towns and Cities in Northern California to Visit

Northern California Mountains

Northern California is a wonderful place that has a lot to offer — from its rolling hills, redwoods, and stunning coastlines, to its growing urban cities and opportunities for adventurers of all kinds. With the amazing and picturesque cities in Northern California — from the Bay Area to Sacramento and Lake Tahoe — there is no shortage of things to do in Northern … Read more

18 Fun Things to Do in LA at Night

Griffith Observatory

The gorgeous metropolitan city of California, Los Angeles, is the hub of entertainment and celebrities belonging to the industry. It is a city abounding in glam and glitz and with a highly active life, particularly nightlife. Travel enthusiasts opine that the best time to explore the city is at night. Various kinds of thrilling activities … Read more

Top 27 Places to Visit and Things to do in Fresno, California

things to do in Fresno

Fresno is one of those cities you’re probably aware of but don’t really know much about. It is the fifth-largest city in California and the very core of what was once the largest raisin-producing region of the United States. But to decide if you want to spend your hard-earned travel dollars exploring this rather large … Read more