Top 27 Things to Do in Italy

Cinque Terre

Pizza, pasta, Andrea Pirlo, The Bicycle Thief, Leonardo Da Vinci- we have much to thank Italy for. Among Europe’s most famous tourist destinations, Italy captivates the imagination of countless souls around the world, and we’re sure you’re no different! Home to exquisite architecture, stunning cities, absorbing art, and mouth-watering cuisine, Italy has enough in store … Read more

Top 20 Places to Visit and Things to Do in Milan, Italy

things to do in Milan

Most people recognize Milan as the fashion capital of the world. You would be surprised to know that Milan has undergone a tremendous metamorphosis over the ages. Today, Milan attractions offer an experience rich in history, heritage, and culture, all seamlessly blending into modern architecture. Milan was once the capital of the Western Roman Empire. … Read more

30 Best places to visit and Things to do in Rome, Italy

things to do in rome

Have you been toying with the idea of a trip to Rome ever since you saw Roman Holiday? Well, even if you haven’t seen the classic film, visiting Rome, Italy should feature on every traveler’s bucket list. A trip to Rome is akin to traveling back in time — more than 2000 years, to be … Read more

20 Best Places to Visit and Things to do in Venice, Italy

things to do in venice

Venice is one of the most attractive cities in Italy which exudes peace and calm. It encompasses 118 islands separated by canals and therefore it is also sometimes called the “city of canals” or the “floating city”. These small islands conveniently linked by bridges over canals house some of the most awe-inspiring structures and buildings … Read more

21 Best Places to Visit and Things to do in Florence, Italy

things to do in florence

No other city in Italy stands out for its sheer beauty and grandeur as Florence does. The essence of western Renaissance art, Florence is a glorious reminder of marvelous architecture and is a parade of great intellect from history. So, if you are keen on exploring this charming city, read on to find some of the top things to do in Florence. Did you know Florence was once a … Read more

The 15 Best & Most Famous of Michelangelo’s Paintings & Artworks with Locations

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni was one of the most talented artists who produced some of the most influential figures of art. Even 450 years post his death, he remains the most celebrated sculptor and painter. Most of Michelangelo’s paintings and Michelangelo artworks notably depict the human body in several forms. His style of painting … Read more

15 Top Reasons to Visit Beautiful Capri, Italy

Capri Italy

Capri is a tiny isle in southern Italy located off the Naples coast. If you have ever imagined how heaven on earth feels or looks like, a trip to Capri is a must! With stunning scenic backdrops, fabulous restaurants and plenty of designer boutiques, Capri can amaze you in many more ways than you can … Read more