11 Customs and Traditions Followed on the Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

Many people have a wrong notion that Mexico’s ‘Day of the Dead’ in November and US Halloween are the same. Though they are related to one another, there is a great difference in the tone and traditions of both days. The theme of Halloween is terror and fear and mischief, but that of the ‘Day of Dead’ is demonstrating respect and love … Read more

20 Best Things to See and Do in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The very word ‘Cabo San Lucas’ conjures up a dreamlike portrait of sparkling sapphire waters, white sands, flying kites, and the famous stone arch at Land’s End. Once you set your foot on this land, you will find it to be nothing short of being the paradise of earth. Located in the southern tip of … Read more

The Mexican Flag – History & Meaning

mexican flag

The Mexican flag represents the zealous patriotism of the people of Mexico. The background to this flag is as intriguing and fascinating as the country of Mexico itself. The Mexican flag’s history goes way back than most of the other national flags. The flag flourished in Mexico during the early 1300s and has its origins … Read more