The History of Capoeira – Dance of Self-Defense


Anything that is composed with freedom at its core never fails to enthral the masses, and the tale of Capoeira is no different. Believed to have originated in 16th century Brazil, this Afro-Brazilian art form incorporates dance, songs, acrobatics, and percussion to give birth to a pulsating and intimate dialogue between the mind and body and soul.  … Read more

Introduction to Capoeira — The Brazilian Dance Fighting


Capoeira is one of the most well-known martial art forms in Brazil. It’s a blending of elements from various fighting styles — primarily weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. This combination created a complex art form that has become extremely popular. Although its history is traced to Brazil, Capoeira can now be found all over the world.   … Read more

Impressive Brazil’s Flag – Top Things to Know

Every independent nation in the world has a flag that represents the unique aspects of the nation and instils a sense of pride in its citizens. Here are some interesting facts about Brazil’s flag that will help you delve deeper into its history and deep-rooted symbolism. How does it look? The bright yellow diamond in … Read more

Brazilian Food: The top 25 Dishes To Eat In Brazil

brazilian food

Brazil (South America), with its unique culture and personality, boasts of an epic and scrumptious food culture that will grip you in a paroxysm of delight. A sweet lover’s heaven, you will enjoy the flavors of the variety of traditional and authentic Brazilian food. With a diverse population curtailing from Portuguese colonization and immigrants from … Read more