Gorgeous Spokane, Washington – Top 19 Things To Do And See

Spokane is a city in the eastern part of Washington along the river Spokane. It is also situated next to the Selkirk Mountains as well as along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Spokane, Washington, is one of the few destinations that are perfect for exploring, throughout the year. The “Lilac City”, as it is fondly called, is the place where Father’s Day originated. No matter what age group you travel with, there is no dearth of activities, and you will not be disappointed. 

Spokane Landscape

If you happen to have kids along, they will be delighted with all the attractions, especially the museum that is dedicated entirely to them. The city has everything, scenic beauty, parks, culture, theatres, music, sports, and nature. It is called the American West’s gateway. Let us explore some of the top things that you must not miss.

Riverfront Park

Spreading across over 100 acres, the Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington, is liked by locals and tourists alike and is one of the top things to do in the city. Before the park was built, it used to be a gathering place for the natives who liked to go fishing. The park is associated with history and is a matter of pride for the locals. It is home to various community events throughout the year. 

Riverfront Park, Spokane
Riverfront Park, Spokane

This public park runs along the river Spokane, which contains the part of the Upper Spokane falls. During the winters, there is usually a skating rink in the park that kids and adults can enjoy.

While walking through the park, you can enjoy their gondola ride, or gaze at the beautiful water fountains, or just let go and take a stroll amid greenery. The park is home to various festival celebrations such as the Lilac Bloomsday Run, Spokane Hoopfest, Kid’s day, the 4th of July, Pow Wow, and Labor Day.

Mobius Children’s Museum

This museum in Spokane, Washington, combines fun with learning and teaches kids about arts, science, and culture through interactive games and activities. The kids can enjoy dance and musical performances along with some storytelling at the ‘Globe Theatre’. There are always workshops and seminars happening at the museum where children can participate and learn. They can try a hands-on at the ‘Out-Of-Hand-Art-Studio’ and make their masterpiece. There are also various sections about history and geography, as well as the animal kingdom and the insect world.

Mobius Children’s Museum | Source

The museum is one of the top things to do when traveling with kids.

Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park

As the name suggests, Mount Spokane in Washington is famous for skiing and snowboarding. A chairlift takes you up the park at a height of 6000 feet, where you can enjoy these snow activities. You can stay here if you wish as accommodation is available. It is worth staying the night and enjoying snow tubing and snowboarding during the night. Mount Spokane houses one of the oldest diners, the Vista House, which has been in business since the 1930s.

The park is located about twenty miles outside of Spokane, but must be one of the top things on your itinerary.

ROW Adventure Center

If you are someone who loves outdoor adventure sports, you must visit the ROW adventure center in Spokane, Washington. It will make for an extremely fun day along with some adrenaline rush. It is among the top things for tourists. You can choose from several sports available, including white-water rafting along the Spokane River, while enjoying a scenic view of the surroundings.

Look out for eagles, ospreys, and forestlands and rocky bluffs along the way while rafting. This is truly a blood-pumping and enthralling experience!

Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

No experience of a place is complete without delving into the local history and visiting its museums. Having received accreditation by the American Alliance of Museums, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, Washington is one of the five Smithsonian affiliates in Washington. The museum that stands today was started as a charity center in 1916. 

Spokane Museum of Art and Culture
The Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, Washington

The museum gives you an insight into the culture, history, art of the Spokane tribes, which makes them stand out from the rest of the country. The highlight of the museum is a watercolor gallery with numerous paintings.

Centennial Trail

Extending up to the Nine Mile Falls in the uppermost part of the state, the Centennial trail is 37 miles long. It goes from the Washington border to the Idaho border. The trail was constructed after the ceremonial celebrations of the Washington State Centennial, hence the name.

Along Spokane Centennial Trail
Centennial Trail

People usually come here to get some exercise or just to spend some leisure time. The trail is a no-car zone, and you can freely explore the trail by jogging, biking, hiking, canoeing, or riding on a horse. It is beautiful as it runs along the Spokane river.

Latah Creek Winery

The Latah Creek Winery in Spokane, Washington, is run by a family with expertise in wine-making. They have been doing this since 1982. Wine is an important part of the local culture, and people usually like to enjoy their evenings with a glass of the drink. The traditional way in which the winery blends the grapes has won them numerous awards.

Like every winery tour, this one is no exception. They take you around the winery, telling you about its history, the technique of winemaking, and finally, there is a tasting room where you can sample some wine. You can also buy wine from them at the end of the tour. They make red and white wines, with their most popular one being the Chardonnay. The winery should be one of the top things on your list.

Manito Park

Another park that is extremely popular with the locals in Spokane, Washington, this park stretches for around ninety acres. You can come to the park to enjoy bird-watching, stroll through the greenery, observe the diverse flora-fauna, and engage in communal activities and sports such as baseball diamonds.

Duncan Garden, Manito Park - IMG 6975
Manito Park

The park houses various themed gardens, such as the Japanese garden, dahlia garden, and a glass conservatory for tropical plants. There are small ponds in the park where you can sit and relax. People come for sledging during the winters as it gets snowy.

Downtown Spokane

If you are looking to relax and catch on some entertainment, Downtown Spokane is one of the top things for you. You can visit the Entertainment district here to watch movies, plays, concerts, or to chill at one of the many restaurants. You can also explore wine in the Cork district with various varieties available, or attend one of the holiday festivals if you happen to visit during that time.

East Downtown Spokane overlooking the University District
East Downtown Spokane overlooking the University District

Martin Woldson Theater At The Fox

This theater in Spokane, Washington, has been in existence since 1931, although it received a facelift in 2000. Located in the Davenport Arts District town, the theater has a seating capacity of 1600. This is the national performing center for the locals, which keeps them connected to culture.

During the performances, people can grab a drink or two from the wine bar. Truly one of the most glorious attractions to visit in Spokane, it is one of the top things while exploring the cultural aspects of the city.

Green Bluff

If you want to spend a day on a country-side farm, Green Bluff is the perfect getaway. Located on a small hill, it caters to tourists through the offering of various activities such as musical performances. You can get a taste of farming by picking out fruits. 


This is one of the most scenic attractions in Washington, and you can spend hours here reveling in the beauty of mother nature. It is one of the top things that locals do during summer.

Spokane Falls

Spokane Falls are in the busy business district of Spokane. The Upper fall consists of the Upper falls dam, which is a diversion that was created to redirect water on the Southern channel of river Spokane. 

Spokane Falls
Spokane Falls

You can walk along the falls and witness how the beauty of the water against an urban backdrop of the business district enchants you.

Riblet Mansion and Arbor Crest Winery

Apart from being a winery, a striking feature of this attraction in Spokane, Washington, is its location, that is four hundred feet above the Spokane River. The winery was built by the inventor who filed a patent for the square wheel tractor. 

Riblet Mansion - Spokane, Washington

The winery provides a tour that ends in sampling and buying of wine as well as food and beer if you wish. It is a popular destination during the summers when concerts are happening all the time. 

St. John’s Cathedral

If you want to see some Gothic architecture on your trip to Spokane, you must visit St. John’s Cathedral. The indoors are filled with windows made of stained glass and instantly transports you to the churches of Europe. The cathedral entry is free for the public, and you can enjoy their many concerts here, such as the organ recitals for a soothing experience. 

St. John's Cathedral (Spokane, WA)

Mica Moon Zip Tours

Another adventure activity in Spokane, Washington, this one will amuse you. Ziplining in Spokane takes you into a different world where nothing else exists but pure nature. The instructors at Mica Moon Zip Tours are well-trained and make you feel safe and secure. 

This experience will truly leave you wanting for more!


Rated as one of the top things to do in Washington state and the best restaurant by Northwest Best Places, Mizuna has been in operation since 1996. It takes pride in the fact that all their ingredients are fresh and of top quality. 

The restaurant is in a charming building close to Riverfront Park, and this makes for a beautiful view and gives you a chance to take a stroll after a heavy meal. The place is a delight for vegetarians and vegans with their numerous options. Do try their lemongrass curry and seafood soup, you will be in for a treat.

John A. Finch Arboretum

This arboretum in Spokane, Washington, houses over 2000 plants, trees, and lilac flowers. It was built in honor of a local businessman. The area spans over sixty-five acres and you can spend an entire day here. 

John A. Finch Arboretum - IMG 6938
John A. Finch Arboretum

You can embark upon a trail at the arboretum, and the best one is the interactive trail, where you can experience the scents and see the foliage. It is called the ‘Touch and See’ trail. 

Avista Stadium

Avista Stadium is the home ground of a baseball team called the Spokane Indians. It was built in 1958 and has a seating capacity of 7000.

Avista Stadium Spokane
Avista Stadium

There are picnic areas for families and different types of stands for the spectators. If you want the best view, go for the skybox. You can take your kids to the ‘Kids Zone’ while catching a game and make the most of your day.

Spokane Symphony

Spokane Symphony consists of professionals who perform at the famous Martin Woldson theater. The orchestra was formed in 1945 and has been around since then. They do various shows across the city, including concerts in collaboration with the ballet company of Spokane. 

If you are looking for a local experience and a taste of the culture of Spokane, Washington, you mustn’t miss a performance by the Spokane Symphony.

No matter what experience you are looking for in the city of Spokane, you will be left in awe. With so many things to do, you must plan an itinerary that covers all the destinations based on the kind of activities you enjoy. If you want to learn about the culture of this beautiful city in the state of Washington, you can have some delightful conversations with the friendly locals. They will tell you about their way of life and about the destinations you can visit, and who knows, you might modify your trip to experience the city the way locals do!