Read all about Donald Trump Diet -Breakfast to Dinner

What do you think of when you hear the name, Donald Trump? There’s a good chance it would have to be something to do with his politics and his tenure in the White House. Or his luxurious and over-the-top lifestyle. Or maybe even his hair. It is no secret that Trump likes to live in luxury, and he has the bank account to prove it. But what does Donald Trump diet look like, what does he eat to maintain his apparently excellent health?  

The former President of America is known for his love affair with fast food and junk food. But the question that people are asking is, what is it that Donald Trump eats in a day? What does Donald Trump diet plan look like? 

Well, it is not as glamorous as you might imagine. It mostly consists of eggs, hash browns, and lots of coffee. If you are wondering what the former American President’s eating habits have been like recently, this article will give you a detailed glimpse of the same. 

Donald Trump Diet – Not So Important Breakfast 

When you realize that Trump is a big guy who needs to eat protein to meet his daily caloric requirements, it is intriguing to note that he is not the biggest fan of breakfast. He is usually too busy closing big deals or being the center of attention to have breakfast anyway.  

In fact, in an interview in 2016 with Jesse Walters from Fox News, he shared that he often tries to avoid breakfast and instead focuses on his latter meals. However, on the days that he does choose to indulge in a ‘Not-So-Important Breakfast’, he is known to tuck into some bacon and eggs. He prefers to eat his bacon slightly raw and eggs well done with this meal, giving way to the perfect American breakfast.   

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By U.S. Secretary of Defense, CC BY 2.0, Link

Optional Lunch 

Considering Donald Trump often skips his breakfast, lunch happens to be the first meal of the day in most scenarios. However, even then, his lunches are optional — what he is most keen on are heavy dinners that satisfy his hearty appetite.  

When you really think about that, it is an interesting revelation that Trump only banks on one meal to make up for his day’s calorie intake. In fact, this was covered by his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in his book titled Let Trump Be Trump. Corey explained how the former President often went 14-16 hours without eating anything.  

However, on the occasions that he does have his lunch, Trump enjoys indulging in a sandwich. In fact, when it comes to lunch, Trump is pretty easy to please. He said: “For lunch, I like pastrami. It’s good stuff. The Reuben sandwich is good.” As seen on his appearance on The Martha Stewart Show, he also enjoys the occasional meatloaf sandwich, followed by steak at dinner. 

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By ZhengZhou, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

The Big Dinner 

Considering Trump looks forward to his dinner the most, we are certain that you will likely be very excited to read about it. And, we are not here to disappoint, either. Glance at Trump’s plate, and you will see that he eats like a typical celebrity, with plenty of starch and meat. But there is a catch here. For dinner, Trump takes an average of around 2,400 calories. However, for your information, the average daily recommended caloric intake is 2,000 calories.   

So, what do these calories come from? Two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish, and a small chocolate shake. Not to be confused with the other ‘Big Mac’ Donald is known for having, this does seem like quite the sweet deal in some ways – delicious, gut-busting meals that fill you up. But is that really the best meal you could enjoy for dinner? Honestly, it is almost an anti-dinner – all the calories and fat may satisfy your hunger but will give you zero energy the next day. 

However, it is plenty to keep Trump full until the next morning. Trump’s typical dinner rolls the following morning – remember, no breakfast for him, just coffee. But he also likes to sip on Diet Coke during the day and perhaps munch on a meatloaf at lunch.  

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By 首相官邸ホームページ, CC BY 4.0, Link

Donald Trump and the Love for Fast Food 

Everyone is curious about what Donald Trump eats in a day. And not just because he is the former President of the United States, but because he professes to follow a high fat intake heavy on meat, burgers, ice cream, chocolate, steak, meatloaf, bacon, and fast food. 

Trump is no stranger to junk food. At least that is what his doctor told the world when he released his medical report last year. The 70-year-old longs for junk food and especially loves fried potatoes. He also joked about KFC in an interview a few years back, saying that he loved eating it with a knife and fork. 

Trump is also known to binge on sugary desserts – and he has got the profile of a man who secretes a lot of insulin. According to The New York Times, ice cream is his weakness. Other favorite sweets include candies, chocolate cakes, and vanilla ice cream.  

Despite having so many options for sugar-laden treats, Trump’s sweet tooth is not satisfied by these alone – so he often has a drink to go with them. But this is no alcoholic drink. Instead, Trump’s preferred beverage is Diet Coke. He will go through a dozen a day – which is not the biggest deal, considering how much he eats, but the fact that he just drinks Diet Coke is definitely a reason for concern. He never touches anything else in the drinks cabinet and has even been known to order two at once.

President Trump Welcomes the Clemson Tigers

Overall Dietary Regime 

Trump is the typical rich businessman. But can his meal plan help you? To start with, he likes to eat of all kinds, a cheeseburger. Now, that’s a big shocker there. But not just any cheeseburger, it has to be served with ketchup, and oh yeah, no lettuce. And he loves McDonald’s so much that he ate from there, every day for breakfast during the 2016 presidential campaign. He is known to survive on steak and fried chicken for lunch and dinner, as well. Plus, to add to that, he indulges in his Diet Coke collection! Like we’d mentioned earlier, he enjoys dipping into as many as 12 cans in one day! 

Trump seems to mix things up from time to time but for the most part, this is what he has been known to eat. However, recently he has been trying to make a switch and consume more nutritious meals that are better for him. He has been making choices that are healthy, trying meals that are rich in nutrients, and living life as a more active person.

What is impressive is that Trump is now 70 years old and can still play golf like a pro. But despite what seems to be a stark contrast in his eating habits, what is interesting to note is that he is a teetotaler and has been that way all his life. Trump does not consume alcohol, smoke, or even take interest in marijuana (cannabis).

Donald Trump Diet: Burger

As a real estate mogul and reality TV star, he has to be at the top of his game when it comes to looking his best. His hair cannot be thinning, he cannot have bags under his eyes and there is no way he could ever gain weight or grow old. He is always under view. As a well-known billionaire, he is consistently in the spotlight and his tenure as the president only heightened that.   

But with great fame also comes great leverage. The real-estate mogul loves the publicity that comes along with being famous and with that influence also comes immense power. However, to maintain this power, it is integral that he takes the necessary steps — look after his nutrition, partake in skincare, and even exercise well, or so we’d expect.  

For that, Donald Trump’s diet plan is simple. As the big man himself says, it consists of eating only ‘the best foods’ and skipping meals — of course, the definition of best food here drastically varies from what a regular person may think of. Instead, the best food for Trump consists of McDonald’s, colas, and other sugary treats. That is perhaps why the world was so taken aback when his real diet came to light. As people across the globe still keep wondering about Donald Trump diet and lifestyle even after his exit from the White House, we decided to put the answers together for you and we hope you got what you were looking for.