12 Top Traditional Japanese Masks and The Story Behind Them

Japanese Masks

The Japanese tradition is one of the oldest and fascinating cultures around the world. The Japanese are famous for their hard work, ethics, and values. The nation is renowned for its resilience and is known to rise every time, no matter how hard a calamity hits it. One of the most enthralling features of the … Read more

The Top 30 Places to Visit and Things to Do in Osaka, Japan

One of the most exciting things about traveling is the chance to experience something new and different. Osaka is an amazing city that offers a lot of fun activities. There are plenty of things to do in Osaka — from learning about the Japanese culture to gorge on the delicious food and drink.   As the … Read more

49 Best Places to Visit and Top Things to do in Tokyo


The dizzying city of Tokyo is as eclectic as it is legendary for its culture. There is no doubt that you will find yourself being pulled in every direction unless you have a game plan to absorb the maximum of Tokyo. Treat this as the tourist’s bible for the capital of Japan. From the best things to see in Tokyo to fascinating places to visit and amazing Japanese must-eat food to things to do in Tokyo, it has got you covered.  … Read more

30 Best Places to Visit and Things to do in Kyoto, Japan

things to do in kyoto

The ancient capital city of Japan, Kyoto, finds itself on the bucket lists of millions of travelers every year. It was the capital city for over a thousand years before being replaced by Tokyo in 1868 and continues to be the cultural and spiritual hub of the island nation to this day. Located in the … Read more

Best 10 Japanese Movies in the Last Decades

japanese movie

The decade of the 1990s is believed to be a period of renaissance for Japanese Movies. It started in 1997, with international film festivals granting awards to films like Shohei Imamura’s The Eel, Takeshi Kitano’s Hana-bi, and Naomi Kawase’s Suzaku. The following decade continued the momentum of a resurgence with local films outperforming foreign films … Read more

What is Mochi? Are they Healthy or Dangerous to Eat?


What is Mochi? A deliciously sticky rice cake, Mochi has been a part of the culture and tradition of Japan since the year 794 during the Japanese Heian period, and has been used for several ceremonies and modern functions. The most common one, and perhaps the one most strongly linked with its identity, is the … Read more

18 Best Traditional Japanese Foods and Dishes

The Japanese are very traditional and yet enthusiastic and passionate when it comes to their food. Japan offers a great mix of history, culture, and modern comfort. Traditional Japanese food is based on the ‘rules of five’ and underlines the use of fresh and high-quality ingredients. Even the simplest food in any Japanese restaurant is … Read more