Top 15 Places to Eat at and Best Restaurants in Times Square, NYC

Times Square is not only one of the primary places of attraction in New York City, but it is also an excellent hub for food lovers. You will find various kinds of cuisines and lip-smacking delicacies in the numerous eateries in the area. Mentioned below are the 15 best restaurants in Times Square that you must check out to satisfy the foodie in you.


At Danji, you can explore authentic Korean flavors with enhanced tastes and textures. Different varieties of rice and kimchi need special mention. Along with the food, the décor and music at the restaurant draw the attention of customers. The ingredients used at the restaurant are organic imparting great taste and flavors.  

Kimchi Poutine

Google Map Location: | Address: 346 West 52nd Street, between 8th and 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10019 | Phone No: +1 212-586-2880 | Website:  

Pure Thai Cookhouse 

One of the best restaurants in Times Square, Pure Thai Cookhouse offers delectable dishes from central, northern, and southern Thailand. The noodle items on the menu of the restaurant are simply out of the world and are usually served with soup, juicy tofu, vegetable dumplings, and spinach. Thai cuisine is spicy and tasty, and you will surely enjoy all the flavors here.  

Restaurants in Times Square:Pure Thai Cookhouse
Source: Pure Thai Cookhouse

Google Map Location: | Address: 766, 9th Avenue, between 51st and 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019 | Phone No: +1 212-581-0999 | Website: 

Shake Shack 

The hot-dog-cart origin of this famous restaurant is unforgettable. Although Shake Shack has many branches across the USA and in other countries, there is no compromise with the tastes and flavors of their staple burgers. Fillings come in the form of chicken, beef and even pork – choose your option. Eat them for lunch or as a snack or any time of the day. and you will crave more! 

Shake Shack Madison Square.jpg
By Beyond My Ken, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Google Map Location: | Address: 691 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10036 | Phone No: +1 646-435-0135 | Website:  


Times Square in New York City has some amazing Italian places and Becco tops the list for sure. The restaurant is owned by popular TV personality and chef Lidia Bastianich and serves various flairs of Italian cuisine. Three kinds of pasta are regular affairs at the place. Other prominent must-try items include the likes of zuppa di pesce misto and osso bucco.  

Becco NYC
Source: Becco

Google Map Location: | Address: 355 West, 46th Street, New York, NY 10036 | Phone No: +1 212-397-7597 | Website:  

Tim Ho Wan 

One of the best eateries serving cheap but high-quality food in Times Square is Tim Ho Wan. It is the world’s cheapest Michelin-star restaurant, which has branches in Hawaii (the USA), Tokyo (Japan), and Hong Kong. Wide varieties of dim sum are the specialty of the place. Try dim sums with sugar-coated buns filled with succulent barbecued pork. A signature dish of the place is translucent pink-shrimp dumplings and rice rolls, which are super smooth and silky. Don’t forget to try the chicken feet – they serve the authentic dish here.  

Tim Ho Wan dim sum

Google Map Location: | Address: 610 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10036 | Phone No: +1 212-228-2802 | Website: 

Ippudo Westside  

Ippudo Westside is your one-stop destination when you are looking for delicious Japanese cuisine in Times Square. Noodles and whole bowls of delicious ramen are the hot favorites at the restaurant. Try ramen in this place with an abundance of pork slabs, mushrooms in pork broth, and thin noodles. Chicken variants are also available.  

Ippudo Westside

Google Map Location: | Address: 321 West, 51st Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues, New York, NY 10019 | Phone No: +1 212-974-2500 | Website:  

The Little Beet 

Are you looking for gluten-free and dairy-freedishes in Times Square area? The Little Beet caters to the requirements of tourists and locals alike who love to try various kinds of innovative food items. There are pre-crafted bowls in the restaurant, and you can also customize your bowl by selecting ingredients of your choice, from greens to grains. If you want some non-vegetarian stuff, you have to place prior requests. At The Little Beet, your lunch or dinner is completely sorted! 

Google Map Location: | Address: 135 West 50th Street, 50th and 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10020 | Phone No: +1 212-459-2338 | Website:  


Looking for some fantastic Mexican cuisine in Times Square, NYC? Toloache is your one-stop destination for those great tacos and other Mexican delights. If you are not interested in exploring much, you can always help yourself with a truffle quesadilla, guacamole, ceviche, burros, and a few margaritas.  

Source: Toloache

Google Map Location: | Address: 251 West, 50th Street, New York, NY 10019 | Phone No: +1 212-581-1818 | Website:  

Totto Ramen  

This is the go-to place for having ramen in NYC. The restaurant serves amazing Japanese and Asian cuisine, including delicacies like spicy paitan, vegetable ramen, miso paitan, etc. Choose from a wide variety of topping (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) options for your noodles and other dishes. Established in 2010, the restaurant offers delectable cuisines at pocket-friendly prices.  

Source: Totto Ramen

Google Map Location: | Address: 464 West, 51st Street, Bt. 9th and 10th Avenues, New York, NY 10019 | Phone No: +1 646-596-9056 | Website:  


Nestled in the hustle-bustle on a busy street, one of the best places to eat in Times Square is none other than Utsav. As evident from the name, the restaurant serves authentic Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine in wide varieties. Don’t forget to try the different bread options in the restaurant along with its signature tandoori chicken. The elaborate buffet spread of the restaurant needs special attention.  

Source: Utsav

Google Map Location: | Address: 1185, 6th Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036 | Phone No: +1 212-575-2525 | Website:  

The Spot 

Tourists looking for Japanese cuisine in Times Square will definitely love The Spot. Do not forget to try their Akamaru Modern ramen, as it is their specialty. You can also delve into other kinds of Japanese delicacies at the place. The restaurant ensures a quality spread is served to every patron. Try the food for once, and you will not be disappointed.  

Google Map Location: | Address: 719 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10016 | Phone No: +1 212-818-1188  

Sushi of Gari 46 

One of the best restaurants near Times Square, Sushi of Gari 46, serves delectable varieties of omakase and sushi. Omakase sashimi, omakase sushi, and a combination of omakase sashimi and sushi are the specialties of the restaurant. Fresh, seasonal fish is used to make every bite tasty and flavorful. If you are looking for an upscale place for your lunch date, then look no further.  

Source: Sushi of Gari 46 

Google Map Location: | Address: 347 West 46th Street, Between 8th and 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10036 | Phone No: +1 212-957-0046 | Website:  

The Lambs Club  

When luxury dining and drinking is your motto, you cannot be wrong with the choice of The Lambs Club. Although the place is expensive and upscale, you will be simply spoilt for choices when it comes to the American menu that the restaurant serves – both in the form of food and cocktail. Along with unique cocktails, the place offers some of the finest wine varieties for locals and tourists alike.  

The restaurant is temporarily closed due to the pandemic. You can check the official website for further details.  

The Lambs Club 130 West 44th Street.jpg
By Spudgun67, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Google Map Location: | Address: 132 West 44th Street, between 6th Avenue and Broadway, New York, NY 10036 | Phone No: +1 212-997-5262 | Website:  

The Kati Roll Company  

Kati roll is one of the most popular and typical Indian delicacies, which is loved by almost everyone. Savory rolls are made with various vegetarian and non-vegetarian stuffing, including eggs, paneer, chana, chicken, mutton, etc. The crispy parathas and the delectable fillings make for excellent snacks. In fact, you can also try them for lunch or other meals. You can also choose from different kinds of beverages and sides to make your roll all the more tasty and flavorful.  

Source: The Kati Roll Company

Google Map Location: | Address: 49 West 39th Street, New York, NY 10018 | Phone No: +1 212-730-4280 | Website:  

Joe’s Pizza  

Joe’s Pizza is a must-visit destination for all pizza lovers. You will get authentic NYC pizza in this restaurant in full-size variants as well as in slices. Specialty pies and toppings are also available upon special request. Beverages like soft drinks, sodas, iced teas, etc. are also available. For large orders, sometimes fresh salads are also made available. The freshest ingredients are used in making the pizzas, and that’s what makes them super tasty.  

The Joe's Pizza from Spider-Man 2

Google Map Location: | Address: 1435 Broadway, New York, NY 10018 | Phone No: +1 646-559-4878 | Website:  

With so many good restaurants in Times Square, New York City, you can choose the cuisine you would like to enjoy. Foodies will be spoilt for choices taken into consideration the varieties of items that are available. Tourists often like to taste authentic the gastronomical delights of the place that they visit. Along with an international spread, you can also taste excellent American fare in many restaurants there.